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Nicolae Grigorescu, Flori de nalbă, ulei pe carton, 300 x 170


Ștefan LUCHIAN (1868–1916)

Ștefan Luchian was the artist who took over the theme of flowers and transformed it into a genre of his own in Romanian painting. His flower paintings represent the most popular chapter, better known and more accessible to the general public, being at the same time a landmark that reflects the evolution of the artist. In most of his paintings, the floral arrangement is part of a stable compositional scheme, which rarely lacks the vessel, usually chosen from Romanian folk pottery. Placing the flowers in the vase, balancing the base of the floral scaffolding by rendering other flowers, leaves or petals around the vase, gives it an important role in the volume and spatiality of the composition. In this painting, the brown of the vase darkens to black, to receive a bright accent of light, which comes from a side source that overshadows the petals of flowers with shades of gray, pink and purple, highlighting them.

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