Constanta Art Museum

Nicolae Grigorescu, Flori de nalbă, ulei pe carton, 300 x 170

„Landscape in Yellow and Blue”

Petre IORGULESCU-YOR (1890–1939)

The trips through Dobrogea and Balchik offered one of the most important sources of inspiration to the painter Petre Iorgulescu-Yor. Here the artist began to paint with warmth and serenity landscapes in which either the Danube or the Black Sea could be seen. The composition has a particular aspect through the pictoriality and individualization of the atmosphere. The raw and fresh green of the vegetation, the brown of the roofs of the houses, the ocher of the well-highlighted hills, the clear blue of the sky, which is reflected in the pure water, the frozen air as if, all these elements contribute to the particularization of the place. The plans follow one another naturally, in a natural chain, the landscape depicting an oasis of peace, in which worries give way to hope and harmony, which makes the landscape a corner of heaven.

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